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Yes! As harmless as it might look, mould can bring about serious health problems to you and every other person living in your home. It can embed itself in almost every surface in your house including carpets, kitchens, bathrooms, and under or behind appliances with slow plumbing leaks (washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.).

Mould can manifest itself well in your house, mainly because of using poor cleaning methods. This will of course arise if for example, you are relying on an inefficient carpet cleaning company to do the cleaning for you. Not only will your carpets end up being hotbeds of mould and dirt, but you will also have wasted your money on poor cleaning services that that age your carpets faster.

People living in a mould-infested environment have a higher chance of suffering from the following health problems:

. Joint and muscle pain

. Depression, memory loss, visual disturbances, and headache

. Fatigue and immune system disturbances

. Breath shortness

. GI problems

Like yeast and mushrooms, mould is classified as a type of fungus. There’s close to 400,000 fungi types, this estimate varies depending on the estimation method used. However, scientists have pointed out that in America, there could be over 1,000 mould types living in residential house. Out of this figure, one thirds of them can be found living on and under your carpets. There are three groups of moulds classified according to the response they have on humans.

Allergenic Moulds

Allergenic moulds don’t usually have life-threatening results and are tend to be most problematic when you are asthmatic or allergic. The problem arises when you try to figure out what you are really sensitive to.
Pathogenic Moulds

These bring about some kind of infection, which is really of great concern especially if you have a suppressed immune system. They are known to cause hyper-sensitivity pneumonitis, which is an acute response that resembles bacterial pneumonia.

Toxigenic Moulds

These ones are extremely dangerous and they produce mycotoxins that can result to serious health problems on almost any person. Possible reactions include cancer and immune suppression. You can unwittingly inhale, touch, or ingest mycotoxins because they will spread all over your house upon as soon as they mature. An example of mycotoxins is aflatoxin, which grows on grains and peanuts as well as on some other foods. It is among the most potent carcinogenic moulds known to mankind.


That said, it is now time that home owners learn how to keep their homes mould-free, and especially their carpets. A carpet can harbor millions of germs if all the proper cleaning measures aren’t being implemented. Always look out for the ideal carpet cleaners that will offer you nothing but the best cleaning services.